Bio: HI, my WordPress blog is "rogermant.me"!! Retarded Architect, Piano & Theory teacher, Organist, Practice Manager for GP Surgery, data examiner/advisor at Police HQ, and cancer free for over two years after thirty years of treatment! Facebook awarded me with 230+ interests which confounded even me so I will not flood you with them but finish with 'failed prophet at god apprenticeship academy'. God bless you for reading thus far, Rx

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  1. This is great Rog – powerful, honest, heartbreaking,empowering.
    People untouched by cancer don’t always understand what it is to live with secondary,incurable cancer. They assume you must just be happy to be alive. They don’t necessarily consider the psychological effects living with cancer can have. As well as the almost constant barrage of tests,ops,worry people have to endure during the years their cancer is being managed. Or the worry close family and partners share with that person,and alone in their own heads,wondering whether the next scan won’t come up so rosy,or that it may throw another obstacle into the mix – something else to deal with, accept and fight! It’s exhausting!
    I recall a comment a friend made when Mum passed away, somethin along the lines of ‘I guess you were expecting it and had prepared yourself for the worst’. How ignorant I thought! Mel and I did all we could to live in the moment where Mumsy was concerned, and spent as little time as possible thinking about what it would be like if she suddenly got really ill and was no longer around. Of course it crossed our minds but those kind of thoughts are too painful and negative,so you shake your head and usher the dark thoughts away.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, cancer or no cancer,losing someone you love or care for hits you hard. In my experience, loving and supporting someone with secondary cancer, over a period of 21 years of the ‘Unknown’, I was never ‘prepared’ for it.
    Sam xxx

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