QUO VADIS? : Wherefore goest thou?

PART THREE: The New Vision from Within

Nothing can really be fully understood without personally experiencing that moment!

Attempting to explain my reactions during and after my osteopathic treatments can probably be compared with trying to write down the emotional effect listening to music has on your body, even when you are deaf! In Part Two I started to relate the beginning of this ‘journey’ from the basic stage, as conveyed by the Lymphoedema Nurse, to the intermediate ‘platform’ of my Cranial Osteopath’s couch. I am now two years along this path and learning more with each treatment.

Mary Monro, my Osteopath, has twenty years of practice and a wealth of satisfied clients including my wife and a good friend who originally referred her. We three could convey a simple message that said her treatment has worked for us by relieving the symptoms of our physical discomfort. I will attempt to elucidate my personal body response both during and after her therapy and that will undoubtedly be more difficult than I can imagine.

An essential part of any therapy is to understand the immediate problem and to put it into context by evaluating the patient’s medical history; the last thing any practitioner needs to do is conflict with an individuals current treatment or medication but at the same time gain an intimate understanding of underlying conditions. My first appointment with Mary was an hour in length half of which was a personal introduction using my prepared notes on my lifelong physical and mental health starting with the fact that I was tongue-tied as a new born baby!! Having cut my frenulum, the piece of tissue that ties your tongue to your palate, I was able to feed properly, screem properly and my mother maintained that it enabled me to talk non-stop as a youngster; I have the distinct feeling that Mary understands . . . !!

The first part of every treatment I have received involves touching my toes – Mary, not me!! Lying down on a medical couch she gently holds one foot in each hand and quietly contemplates as if she is equating your medical background and general disposition with what she can “feel/interpret”. The astonishing part for me, as described in Part Two, was to discover that I had a problem in my lower back which suddenly gave a resounding “clunk” as it realigned itself: “Was that you?” I asked, “Maybe” she replied, and that was the start of this remarkable journey.

Every single session is different and it seems to become accumulative; it starts and ends the same way, hands on feet to assess ‘before and after’ which is always recorded on my medical notes. Beyond my unexpected “clonk” Mary has now successfully treated my lymph glands out of sync around and below my stoma site, my leg, my back and last but not least my lungs.

My right leg attests to the fact that it now drains correctly but still manages to ZING up and down with ‘inside out’ pins and needles during the session as the debris finds it’s way out via my heart! Then her unbelievably healing hands – it’s not my imagination I can assure you, the heat, the pulsing sensation through my veins, through my lymph glands and “liquids”, and the sudden dryness in my mouth rendering me speechless – I am starting to levitate but all I think is really happening is the change of pressure in my body makes it feel lighter on the couch! Oh, apparently Mary is working on my lungs as BCG live treatment in my bladder years ago has left me with a form of TB; also those seven nodules that initially showed as secondaries on my lungs have caused shortness of breathe and recently revealed themselves as possibly causing ‘resting tachycardia! Yep, nothing will ever phase me and I been temporarily discharged from my TB consultant as all tests proved negative!!

The session leaves me so drained that I’m almost comatose; can I raise my body into the sitting position . . . eventually. I often wonder if I should really drive home.

I am blessed to have been and continue to be treated by a cranial osteopath who is constructively professional; I only wish it was accepted as genuine therapy by the Medical Council.

July 2018. Mary Monro came to visit me at home to “assist” my journey into hospital without charge ~ how caring is that? Bless you and thank you Mary xxx

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