May Bank Holiday Monday 2018 and then . . .

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, exactly one week after my penectomy operation (total penis removal) at Weston General Hospital under David Dickerson
Last night, between 2am & 3am, I made a virtual speech about my journey from one spot of blood in my urine twice a year, forty years ago, to the removal of my penis and a tumour 8″ long reaching back inside as far as my tail! My super District Nurse said I am the fourth person she has visited in Calne this year having previously seen only one other penectomy (total penis removal) in forty years of nursing! I desperately need to make this known publicly as David Dickerson, my surgeon and a specialist penile cancer consultant, intimated that he cannot comprehend the increase in cases over the last year. I have, this week, started collating data from three consultants, the NHS Cancer Registry and ex-colleagues at the JR2 & Churchill Unit in Oxford. I have to ensure men know what none of us men ever want to talk about and do it “from the horse’s mouth”!

I will eventually return to update my cancer blog on here but in the meantime I would ask you to consider what/where might be an appropriate forum to get the message across ~ thank you! Rog

Monday Bank Holiday, 28 May 2018

Chalgrove Art Exhibition, Oxfordshire. My sister, her daughter and an old friend of mine exhibit every year and my wife and I enjoy the day out!

The very next day . . . . . from feeling absolutely normal for three whole years I suddenly had a sore penis; bear in mind it has been totally inactive for the three years following the removal of my bladder, urethra and prostate. I rang my surgery and had an appointment for that afternoon! The verdict my wife had predicted as a fungal infection in the tip of my penis. The following day the soreness developed rapidly despite the prescribed cream. That night I awoke several times crawling up the bedroom wall, literally, as stretching was the only way to get any comfort. Friday morning urgent appointment with my own doctor who, having examined me, said “Sorry, I don’t know Roger, you had better contact your Urology Consultant.” Fortunately because of my cancer being contained by him for 25yrs I had his contact mob no and he rang me back that lunchtime and added me to his next local surgery at Savernake Hospital the following Thursday!

Thursday, 7th June 2018 (Our 43rd Wedding Anniversary!)

He thoroughly examined the fibrous tube inside my penis and made copious notes and a very visible phallic symbol full of horrible squiggles . . “I’ll fit you into my day surgery on Monday and I can take a biopsy from your penis ~ actually come tomorrow morning with a book!” So ten days after my first complaint I am talking about lopping it off and my wife is sitting next to me going snip snip with her fingers ~ one week to wait for biopsy results which reveal “recurrent cancer”, thankfully not secondary.

Friday, 15th June 2018

My Consultant advises total removal rather than treatment first and he will contact the surgeon at Southmead Hospital. We shake hands with a mutual understanding and he, my consultant and ‘friend’ for nearly thirty years, has tears in his eyes. A hurried exchange follows “to keep in touch” despite his being on holiday for the next two weeks, and finally places a hand on Daph’s shoulder ‘to be brave but positive’.

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