Day Surgery and Me “day”!!

Rainbow waves

Little time to say more than this day will prove how successful ‘spirit healing’ can be ~ I did at least “receive” a reassuring comment in my head whilst washing up last evening and heard myself say out loud “Thank-you” and related it to my wife! ( Now that I am here after my operation my wife will confirm that I was informed in no uncertain terms that I would be back at home in my own bed.)

More of that later this week because I shall start my retrospective blog from the Wednesday in mid-October when I was ‘blessed’! Ouch, I know that does not sound like me but I did receive one . . . . . thanks Sananada for caring,

The unbroken seal on Tutankhamun’s tomb, 1922 (3,245 years untouched)

The anaesthetist looked at me that lunchtime in the Day Surgery Unit and asked if I knew what the procedure was and I replied ‘TurbT’. “So you’ve had this before?” she asked, “Yes, this is my twelfth op” ~ her mouth dropped and her eyes stared with glazed amazement ~ “REALLY??” ~ “well, you have the file!!” I had not realised just how fortunate I have been to hang on to my bladder for this length of time, nearly thirty years. Then it was the nurses turn to ‘form fill’ and in walks the registrar to retrieve a consent signature, only to inform me that I will be going home tomorrow: “Sorry, not if I understand my consultant correctly! He indicated that depending on what he found would dictate whether or not I needed to be catheterised; I explained that with the cancer escaping my bladder putting a pipe in made matters much worse when they came to remove it, “so let’s plan on my going home and we’ll all be happy!”

Interviews over I return to my seat and pick up my book ironically called ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ by S.J.Watson, only to summoned to get changed to go down to theatre.

This is how I recounted on social media the following three hours:

Due in theatre early pm as 2nd on list

13.15 changed and ready for theatre

14.15 consultant sits down next to me in waiting area  and chats for 10mins ~ strange me thinks, never done that before ~ start to get cold

15.15 four theatre ready plucked turkeys have been in and gone down each in less than 5mins

15.30 back to nurses station ~ is there anything amiss ~ no, why? ~ cos I’m freezing f’kg cold after 2.5hrs waiting for some action!!! Oh, I’ll ring and check and let you know . . .

15.45 it’s fine, you are NEXT on the list!

16.00 theatre nurse arrives to take me down and sits down in same “chatty-chair” as consultant; 10mins later I ask if there is a problem ~ why, he asks, do you have something more important on? ~ Yes, my clothes please! 

16.15 Pre-op room and I am shaking from a hyperthermic reaction to the bleeding cold, only to be asked if I’m nervous ~ after 12ops, nah, I’m an old-timer mate!

16.30 give up getting cannulae in that vein, apply heavy, blue, impregnated wadge of bandage strapped on to stem blood flowing from hand double wrapped with tight strong tape which they say they hope to remove when I’m out cold ~ cold did you say, I’m f’kg freezing!

Find ‘special’ babies cannulae and start on left hand ~ you are shaking she says, are you cold? ~ no I’m f’kg f’zg and suffering from shock watching all my blood drain away before the bleeding’ op’s started ~ we’d better get you a blanket ~ stick that ~ just stick that stick in my b.vein so that when I am out cold I won’t kn . o . . w . . . any . . . m . . . !!

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