That Big ‘C’ Weekend Movie!!

That little one and a half minute trailer was too auspicious for words! When I said that I would “shrink them away before next holiday” little did I realise that is exactly what would happen. It was certainly cathartic to ‘produce’ an  iMovie, although I am just learning that the hard way, without appreciating the repercussions . .

. . which is where Merlin Energy ‘walks’ into my life!

My inspiration for writing this blog is threefold: firstly a friend/ex colleague said I should (thanks Fiona K-T); secondly needing to hug & share the grief of Mel & Sam following the death of their ‘Mumsie’; and lastly Christopher Reid’s ‘A Scattering’ which is “a slim, quietly devastating volume of poetry written as a tribute to the poet’s dead wife” (The Times, 27 Jan 2010). It won the Costa Book of the Year Award and I am privileged to share this extract with you as published that day:

Straight from the heart

Late home one night, I found she was not yet home herself.

So I got into bed and waited under my blanket mound,

until I heard her come in and hurry upstairs.

My back was to the door.

Without turning round, I greeted her, but my parched voice made only a hollow,

parched-throated k-, k-, k- sound, which I could not convert into words

and which, anyway, lacked the force to carry.

Nonplussed, but not distraught, I listened to her undress,

and then sidle along the far side of our bed and lift the covers.

Of course, I’d forgotten she’d died.

Adjusting my arm for the usual cuddle and caress,

I felt mattress and bedboards welcome her weight

as she rolled and settled towards me, but, before I caught her,

it was already too late and she’d wisped clean away.

~ Christopher  Reid ~


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